Once upon a time is where the story of Krabby’s began, just like so many other legends and tall tales. When Young Mr. Krabby was just a wee Master Krabby, his mother would take him to the seafood market at every opportunity, and he would always jump at the chance to go.

These fishing hamlet markets were quite the spectacle, with crabs of every imaginable variety, clams of every hue, and fish of every conceivable kind.

Young Krabby watched with eagerness as his mother set the seafood dish on the table they shared with him and his siblings. The delicious flavor and smooth consistency were more than enough to set off an explosion of joy in anyone’s tastebuds.

When little Krabby grew up to be Mr. Krabby, he traveled the world in pursuit of seafood that would satiate his yearning tastebuds. However, he never compromised his criteria for how fresh the meal should be or how good it should taste.

Mr. Krabby amassed a healthy collection of recipes throughout his travels, which took him to a variety of continents and oceans. Recipes that were handed down from one generation to the next and were kept on parchments that had become very worn over the course of time and use.

Mr. Krabby extends a warm welcome to you to join him on his travels around the world. Learn about seafood that is so irresistible and flavors that are so scrumptious that you may find yourself captivated as well.

Find out what motivated Mr. Krabby to devote his entire life to SEA-Food by attending one of his Seafood Boils with Mr. Krabby.

If you are looking to visit KRABBY’S CRAB BOIL, you can visit Winery Tour Yarra Valley as well, because we are located in the same area and check beow maps to get the direction.

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