Yarra Glen Wineries

We operate in all weather conditions, so if mother nature is not nice to us, the trip will still go on, and all the places visited on the day will be indoors.

Take a leisurely drive up to the Yarra Glen with Yarra Valley Wineries, where you’ll be impressed by the wines, stunning vistas, delectable food, and welcoming locals. We only need around 45 minutes to go to this breathtaking area, so you won’t have to wait too long to start enjoying fine wines and cheese at your first stop!

The boutique wineries we visit are different from one another and provide a more personal experience than larger, commercialized establishments. You’ll frequently run across the owner or winemaker of each cellar door, and hearing their tales while drinking their wines will make you want to stay there all day.

The establishments we visit are renowned for their top-notch food and welcoming staff. The reservation cost includes the cost of the wine and cider tastings.

We operate in all weather conditions, so if mother nature is not nice to us, the trip will still go on, and all the places visited on the day will be indoors.

Yarra Glen Winery Tour

Prepare yourself for the majestic natural splendor of the Yarra Glen region as you enter one of Australia’s favorite vacation spots. If rolling hills, wide green spaces, and wineries in every direction seem like your idea of paradise, you’ve come to the right location. Our Yarra Glen tours take you to historical sites, local sellers, and everything in between to give you a local experience that will stick with you for life.

The Yarra Glen boasts a fantastic variety of cellar doors, all representing the diversity of designs and techniques in this lovely cool-climate location just outside of Melbourne, ranging from architectural statements to rustic tin shelters hidden amid the vines.

The Yarra Glen is ideally positioned for a quick day trip and is only a short one-hour drive from the Melbourne CBD. With a wide variety of excellent restaurants and world-class wine, the Yarra Glen will keep you coming back for more.

Pair the exceptional estate wines with a lunch at one of the region’s vineyard restaurants, where the multi-talented chefs create masterpieces using abundant and lush local ingredients.

Yarra Glen Winery Tour
Yarra Glen Wineries

Melbourne’s Best Yarra Glen Wine Tours

Visitors enjoy lovely recollections of their Yarra Glen wine tour regardless of the season, even though the chilly environment of the Glen helps vineyards create its wines so special. Every season has its beauty and charm, making this area of Victoria a must-see. From breathtaking blue skies and warm sun to a patchwork of brilliant fall leaves, the full bloom of ripe fruit on the vine, or a nice open fire with wonderful wine to warm every heart.

Depending on your perspective, the days can be active or not. Take strolls, relax at one of the many spas, or perhaps get your heart racing with a thrilling hot air balloon flight above the vines. You can also do nothing but relax and take in the ambiance of Yarra Glen while sipping wine, savoring delectable cuisine, and taking in the breathtaking surroundings.

We guarantee that everyone of our tours will return home happy and stuffed! A day excursion from Melbourne to Victoria’s famed Yarra Glen wineries features numerous delectable tastings and a charming lunch among the vines.

Take in the Yarra Glen’s breathtaking magnificence from one of our many tour stops. When you arrive at each winery, your tour party will enjoy a private tasting experience with no fewer than four varieties from each distinctive winery.

You will have the opportunity to speak with the winery’s Vigneron and main winemakers and see some of their most well-known bottles. And if you’re fortunate, you could even be able to get a sneak peek at certain vintages that haven’t even been released yet!

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There is something for everyone in the Yarra Valley, and a lot of developing varietal wines are becoming more well-known and prestigious.


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