Microprism Optics

Microprism Optics

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Prism glasses and other corrective options from Microprism Optics are available to enhance your eyesight and enhance your wellbeing. Their Melbourne holistic optometrist provides treatments that support neuroplasticity and muscle memory with the goal of enhancing your natural eyesight and gradually lowering your prescription. Additionally, this offers the advantage of improving a number of vision-related disorders. Learn more about the services this Melbourne optometrist can provide.

Within six months, a Melbourne optometrist and quantum photosomatologist wants to improve your vision.

Do you use contact lenses or glasses?

Does visual impairment affect your health and general quality of life?

You might think there’s no way to fix these problems… that over time, your vision and health will decline to the point where you will require thick coke bottle glasses just to be able to see your own reflection.

The goal of Microprism Optics is to disprove this ingrained notion. By combining cutting-edge prism lenses with a procedure supported by science, they seek to not only stop further vision loss but also actively improve it within 6 months.

Microprism Optics doesn’t just consider the eyes separately. Instead, by dynamically evaluating vision, mind, and body as a unified unit, they use a holistic, multifaceted approach to eye health. After determining what is causing your vision impairment, they recommend premium prism lenses that are precisely tailored to your requirements.

These glasses are like taking your eyes to the gym, only you don’t have to work out for hours on end to get results. Instead, merely by being worn, the lenses “work out” your eyes. attempting to halt deterioration, enhance your health and vision, and improve your quality of life.

They don’t blame you if you have some doubts about how this novel process operates. You’ve definitely read about or perhaps tried some methods for enhancing your vision, whether they involve physical activities like eyerobics or dietary changes like eating wild asparagus.

Their approach differs because it is supported by science and years of market research. They don’t lead you astray or offer you contradictory advice. Instead, they want to fix your vision problems and enhance your vision within the next six months. The measurements and outcomes speak for themselves.

Book A Free 360° Vision Test

Over 9,315 people have benefited from Microprism Optics’s assistance since 2001, and it all began with a free 10-minute 360-degree vision test!

They will test your eyesight while you are wearing prism lenses while you are seated, standing, strolling, far away from a screen and objects, and up close to them. You’ll get to see how prism works firsthand!

To begin your journey to better vision, schedule your free exam with them right away.

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