Urban Alley Brewery

Urban Alley Brewery

Dean Grant and Bruce Davey saw an opportunity to start their own brewery after bringing beers from all over the world to Melbourne. Fueled by the ambition to provide excellent beer for the residents of Melbourne, the two men seized the chance to establish their business.

In 2018, on the outskirts of Melbourne’s Central Business District, in the District Docklands, the Urban Alley Brewery was established. Their first BREWPUB, which had a capacity of 690 people and a brewhouse that was 25 hectoliters in size, was able to be built on this site.

Their initial brew, Urban Ale, was designed to serve as an introduction to craft beer for mainstream beer drinkers. Urban Alley has won over 20 awards since 2019, including the Australian International Beer Awards, Independent Beer Australia Beer Awards, and Perth Beer Awards. These awards cover a variety of categories, including draught, packaging, and design, and recognize the brewery’s innovative combination of traditional recipes with new flavors and twists.

The goal has always been to provide residents of nearby villages with the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of a brewery. The first location was in Docklands, then they expanded to KNOX, and the third will be unveiled at the end of 2022, followed by further locations in 2023.

The fact that they brew their own beer on-site ensures that it is as local and fresh as it can possibly be. They are passionate about it, and as a result, they will share with you, both in their brewpubs and at their social events, information about the individuals who make your favorite local beer as well as the process by which it is made.

There are some things that only people who live in the area are aware of. And this is something that rings especially true in Melbourne. A city where the locals frequent the secret pubs concealed in the alleys. It’s the sense of always being one step ahead of the game. Feel as though you have some ownership in that neighborhood bar, pub, or drink simply because you are from this area. That would be called Urban Alley. Authentic handcrafted beers and a BrewPub experience that is really inspired by the community it serves. This is the reason why there are several BrewPubs rather than simply one.

Urban Alley is a beer that is brewed in the area just for the community. Developed specifically for your local communities. Designed to achieve notoriety in the immediate area.

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