We are pleased to welcome you to Australia’s first ever “trick-art” gallery! Photos of incalculable value Unbelievable circumstances. In 2016, the gallery made its debut in The District for the very first time. A self-guided gallery, it is the first of its type and is suited for visitors of all ages, groups of any size, and tourists often take hundreds of images with their families and friends, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Simply taking a glance at the ArtVo Instagram page will provide you with a wealth of ideas for your subsequent visit. In addition, there is a brand new overarching concept called Fantasy that runs across the whole gallery. People will travel to fantastical places like the ocean, the polar ice caps, space, and the forest as part of the Fantasy theme. In addition to that, several highly intriguing interactive experiences will be incorporated into the dreamscape artwork.

A WONDERFUL DAY TRIP TO THE DISTRICT DOCKLANDS IN MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA. People of all ages are able to come face to face with wild animals, scale rocky crevasses, and surf the ultimate pipelines thanks to the larger-than-life murals, which are designed to be optical illusions and take visitors into a world of their own. Over a space that is 1400 square meters in size, guests have the opportunity to wander through a number of distinct zones, each of which features its own amazing illusions. Everyone has the opportunity, thanks to ArtVo, to encounter the conventional art museum in a completely different manner. It provides the possibility for the customers to not only touch the art but also to become the art themselves by just striking a stance in front of the camera. Even more refreshing is the fact that the staff at the museum actively encourages visitors to take as many photos and selfies as they possibly can. They are able to provide assistance, making it possible for you and your companions to freely participate in the artistic process at all times. ArtVo immersive gallery is now up for business after undergoing renovations that required the efforts of 15 artists, 1000 liters of paint, and 800 hours. Have

 If you are looking to visit ArtVo, you can visit Winery Tour Yarra Valley as well, because we are located in the same area and check beow maps to get the direction.

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