Bonds Outlet Waterfront

Bonds Outlet Waterfront

One hundred years can see a lot of change. They are aware of it due to the fact that Bonds will reach 100 years old this year. From their humble beginnings in 1915 as a tiny producer of women’s hosiery to their current status as one of the most recognizable companies in Australia, they have molded themselves to meet the requirements (as well as the physiques) of Australian households.

They began doing things in a somewhat unconventional manner right from the beginning. They were never a corporation of businessmen dressed in suits sitting in a stuffy boardroom; rather, in the early years of their existence, they were a company that had its own sports teams, a marching band, a library, and even a hairdresser! In point of fact, one of the most influential members of the Bonds family was one of Australia’s earliest industrial psychologists. This philosophy was reflected in the corporate slogan, which George Bond himself came up with: “We do not perform labor for one another. We cooperate with one another “.

Because of their unassuming origins, they have not only been able to set a benchmark in terms of high quality, but they have also been given the opportunity to play a proud role in the history of Australia. Over the course of the past century, they have come a long way, from dressing 120,000 volunteers at the Sydney Olympics in iconic uniforms that were as vibrant as the games themselves, to providing comfortable undergarments to Charles Kingsford-Smith and Charles Ulm in 1928 so that they could set a record for the fastest flight across the Pacific, and from there to dressing 120,000 volunteers who set a record for the fastest flight across the Pacific in 2000.

When you get dressed in the morning, you put them on first, and when you get ready to go to bed, you take them off last. And despite the fact that the next century is gearing up to be even more eventful than the one that just passed, one thing has not changed: whether you are 8 seconds old or 80 years old, everyone can play Bonds.

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