Bhoj Restaurant

Bhoj Restaurant

The word “bhoj” translates to “Indian feast,” and that is just what you can anticipate when you visit Bhoj Docklands.

Vikramjit Singh, a seasoned chef and innovator, is responsible for the conception of “The Bhoj” and its subsequent development into a successful enterprise that has received multiple accolades. 2002 marked the beginning of this one-of-a-kind restaurant business, which was founded on the innovative concept of bringing the most authentic flavors of Indian cuisine to the local community in Australia.

Vikramjit has a wealth of expertise gained from working in high-end establishments such as restaurants, hotels, pubs, and cafes. He brings this knowledge to the table. Over the course of more than eight years, Chef Vikramjit Singh has maintained the consistency of the Indian cuisine that has earned him widespread recognition at the Docklands site. Chef Vikramjit Singh has been working in the field of Indian cuisine for the past eight years.

In the end, it was the accumulation of all of these events that led to the “Eureka” moment of what is now commonly referred to as “The Bhoj.”

The eatery satisfies the requirements of the Australian Food Safety Norms. The management team at “The Bhoj” has years of experience managing important concerns linked to controlling time and temperature, as well as sanitization and cleaning methods. This applies to both the kitchen and the reception and serving areas of the establishment. The visitors that visited “The Bhoj” were treated to a reception that was a shining example of both Australian and Indian hospitality.

When it comes to Indian cuisine, Bhoj is regarded as a Melbourne institution known as a landmark. Over the course of its history, the establishment known as Bhoj has been honored with a number of prestigious honors and distinctions. Among them are the title of “Best Indian Restaurant in Melbourne” for a number of years and a coveted “Chefs Hat” from The Age Good Food Guide.

Their philosophy may be summed up in one word. To provide traditional Indian meal that is tantalizingly delicious and that honors the wide ingredients, flavors, and authenticity of Indian cuisine, all of which are prepared utilizing high-quality and fresh ingredients. Their menu also features a wide variety of hallmark dishes in addition to a few less well-known selections that highlight the variety and adaptability of Indian cuisine.

The restaurant Bhoj is located in the very center of the New Quay promenade in Docklands, and it provides guests with unobstructed views of the skyline of Melbourne, as well as Victoria Harbour, Etihad stadium, and the Bolte Bridge.

What better way to indulging in the pleasures of seaside dining than with their wide outdoor as well as interior seating areas?

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