Gowrie Docklands Kindergarten

Gowrie Docklands Kindergarten

Gowrie Victoria’s mission is to promote and model excellent early learning. Being a non-profit social enterprise, everything they do is motivated by their conviction in kids as strong, capable citizens.

Children are valued as the core of their practices and activities. Since they want kids to actively participate in their education, you can find their teachers and educators actively including kids in decision-making at the six early learning centers they operate throughout Melbourne.

In order to develop the capacities, confidence, and involvement of educators and instructors and to raise the standard of early learning throughout Victoria, they share their experience and knowledge with the early childhood sector as part of their commitment to enhancing the outcomes for kids. They have a long history of offering professional development courses throughout the state that rely on the extensive body of research from their own early education offerings.

They take great pride in their history of supporting greatness and standing up for kids. They take great pride in their reputation as the destination for inspiration, learning, and observation for countless instructors and educators throughout the years.

Their adult learning initiatives are concentrated on initiatives that raise the standard of their industry in Victoria. They range from assisting seasoned early learning professionals to reflect on and incorporate methods that enhance their programs to training new educators.

  • Accredited training through Gowrie’s RTO focusing on Certificate III (CHC30121) and Diploma (CHC50121) in Early Childhood Education and Care based at their early learning service in Docklands
  • Traineeships for new educators entering the profession who study their qualification with Gowrie and also provided with specialised mentoring and wrap around support
  • Mentoring for early career teachers, focusing on supporting provisionally registered teachers to achieve full teacher registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching
  • Specialised coaching programs for experienced educators, teachers and leaders including as part of DET’s School Readiness Funding and for teachers joining or returning to the sector after a period of leave
  • Customised professional learning programs including tours and observation at Gowrie services

A member of Gowrie Australia is Gowrie Victoria. The early childhood education and care organizations that make up Gowrie Australia are all headquartered in individual states and have the same solid foundations. Gowrie employs a multi-national, cooperative strategy to enhance practices for the advantage of kids, families, and the early education industry.

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