Boost Juice

Boost Juice

A woman who had no prior business expertise but boundless desire and family backing founded Adelaide’s first juice bar in 2000.

Make healthy living pleasant and enjoyable was the ingeniously simple concept.

The woman was Janine Allis, an intrepid businesswoman from Australia. The establishment was Boost Juice, a juice and smoothie chain with over 580 locations in 13 countries that continues to grow in popularity.

Today, Boost Juice is a global phenomenon. Fresh fruit and vegetables, delicious products, and creative marketing strategies have made the brand a spectacular success.

There isn’t an elevator to success, though. You must climb the steps.

In 1999, Janine was visiting the United States when she noticed something. In contrast to Australia, where the fast food sector was uninspired and unhealthy, everyone was into nutritious smoothies and fresh juices. Like many new mothers, Janine had just given birth to her third baby and desired more freedom to pursue her own goals.

Janine and her husband Jeff came up with an innovative retail idea that the world had never seen before. Boost Juice would provide a distinctive customer experience centered around joyful, healthy living and delicious products. It was founded on Janine’s “love life” philosophy.

Janine worked out of her Melbourne kitchen table, consulting with naturopaths and nutritionists to develop a meal devoid of preservatives and synthetic colors and flavors.

There was only one issue: the banks wouldn’t work with a company that only sold liquid. When life gives you lemons, though, create lemonade, as the saying goes. Or, depending on the situation, juices and smoothies.

Success is said to be 90% effort and 10% inspiration. Who is going to contest it, then? Janine had no idea that her plan to avoid working a 40-hour workweek would require her to work a 100-hour workweek with no pay for at least three years.

But perseverance pays off, as the initial King William St store’s success allowed Janine and Jeff to create three additional locations, including two in a single day.

The best way to learn is often to go right in, and that’s exactly what happened after. 28 leases were signed by Janine and Jeff at Westfield Shopping Centers. It implied an obligation on my part to open every store in just 18 months and a personal liability of more than $5 million. It was completed on schedule and within budget because of pure willpower and fantastic franchise partners.

Three years later, Janine bought Viva Juice, a competing company, and sold the renamed outlets to franchise partners.

Australia’s favorite juice and smoothie bar, Boost Juice, continues to take home some of the most coveted accolades in the business.

Australia’s favorite juice and smoothie bar, Boost Juice, continues to take home some of the most coveted accolades in the business.

They’re not just there to serve delicious smoothies and juices to clients. They wish to spread their enthusiasm, energy, and “enjoy life” mindset so that every client feels a little bit better when they leave.

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