Melbourne College of Hair & Beauty

Melbourne College of Hair & Beauty

Since it began operations in the 1950s, Melbourne College of Hair and Beauty (MCOHB) has been training people in hair and beauty to the highest standards.

MCOHB offers a wide selection of cutting-edge courses from Certificate II to Diploma level in Hairdressing, Beauty therapy, Business, and Make-Up as one of Melbourne’s oldest privately held Registered Training Organizations (RTO) in the industry.

In the center of Melbourne’s CBD, there are also reputable hair and beauty salons that are open to the public, allowing you to hone your skills on actual paying customers. On many days, their salons are completely booked with customers!

They are dedicated to the vision, mission, goals, and academic success of its students and instructors and strive to provide the greatest possible degree of service to their pupils. They deliver on what they promise. They consistently deliver products of the highest caliber, enhancing the long-term value of all parties involved. They concentrate on the student’s success as a result.

Their goal is to educate and elevate the kids to a higher vision and standard so they can develop their abilities, personalities, and performance beyond what is often possible and, as a result, emerge ready to participate responsibly, effectively, and morally in society.

They provide courses from the National Hairdressing Training Package and the National Beauty Training Package, which are based on industry-endorsed competency requirements and guarantee students vocational education and training.

Melbourne College of Hair & Beauty offers flexible training options and can tailor instruction and evaluation to your needs. For students interested in hairdressing and beauty who want to pursue higher-level education, additional avenues have been provided.

Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Where defined by a code and description, such as SIB40110 Certificate IV in Beauty Services, Melbourne College of Hair and Beauty’s qualifications and units of competence are nationally recognized. Additionally, they provide non-recognized short courses of instruction.

Melbourne College of Hair and Beauty can accept and offer nationally recognized training to international students with Australian student visas because it is a licensed CRICOS/ESOS provider.

The Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) is trying to eliminate obstacles caused by inconsistent state-by-state industry licenses and regulations. The previous courses are taught in accordance with the National Hairdressing Training Package, the National Beauty Training Package, and the National Screen and Media package and have national government accreditation.

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