HOYTS District Docklands

HOYTS District Docklands

HOYTS theatres began as a little operation but have since grown into one of the most successful entertainment enterprises in the world. HOYTS Australia and New Zealand is a cinema chain that owns and runs over 50 theaters across both countries. These theaters have a combined total of over 400 screens and more than 50,000 seats. The state of New South Wales, the state of Queensland, the state of Victoria, the territory of the Australian Capital, South Australia, Western Australia, and New Zealand all have HOYTS cinemas.

At HOYTS, they are well aware that their employees are the company’s most valuable resource. They have over 3,000 individuals working for them right now, and they are always looking for people that are adaptive, passionate, and imaginative to join their team. They recognize that their employees are all different in terms of the life experiences, skills, and capabilities that they bring to the company because they are an equal opportunity employer. They make an effort to instill a sense of agency in their workforce and place a high importance on the many experiences and perspectives brought to the table by their employees.

HOYTS is a proud charitable partner with The Motion Picture Benevolent Society, RUOK? OzHarvest, and RSPCA Australia. They are dedicated to giving back to the community as well as the four deserving charities that their employees have a strong love for through the Workplace Giving Program that they have established. They are committed to helping others who are struggling financially, so they donate their time, contribute to charitable causes, and share their expertise.

HOYTS has just recently introduced an exciting new option for their customers to contribute to the charitable causes that are important to their teams, as well as to develop relationships between their teams and the community. At any HOYTS movie point of sale, guests will now have the opportunity to participate in the “round up for charity” campaign. The entirety of the profits will be distributed generously among the HOYTS charitable partners. You have the ability to help make a difference and lend your support to these deserving projects.

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