The Pancake Parlour District Docklands

The Pancake Parlour District Docklands

Where did it first begin? Adelaide. They want a welcoming environment, the kind in which one could unwind by playing a game of chess or reading a magazine. On June 21, 1965, they founded The Pancake Kitchen in what was once the burned-out shell of a deli located in Gilbert Place. They “created the dream” out of this location. It was a gathering place, a quaint nook in the heart of the city that would serve as a home away from home for those who stayed there.

They first fell in love with pancakes while driving from New York to Miami one day, and ever since then, they’ve had a dream of starting a pancake restaurant in their hometown of Melbourne, Australia. In 1969, The Pancake Parlour was constructed just at this location on Market Lane. They hoped that by combining these three wonderful things, they could convey the personality of the city that they adore and the people that live there.

They never serve anything different in their restaurants than what they would eat in their own homes. House-made. The most important constituent? Freshness. Even microwaves are unavailable in this establishment. In the beginning, they didn’t have a menu and the only thing they offered was pancakes with either strawberries or maple syrup. They started with a single inquiry, such as “how did you like your pancakes?” and worked their way from there.

They are really pleased with the quality of their wait staff. They enjoy themselves tremendously while they are at work. It is very interesting. It is a living thing. The best part is that they get to interact with one another once everything is over. A few of them have even tied the knot with one another. They have many wonderful success stories from members of the team who have advanced to management positions.

They have been able to maintain their consistency and strength because of the ideology that centers on pleasure and energy. Your day will have been a complete waste if you don’t leave The Pancake Parlour with a belly full of chuckles (and pancakes). They intend to provide the opportunity to as many residents of Melbourne as they can (they had a mobile party machine once). They currently operate 11 restaurants across the city of Melbourne, and so long as the “Parlour spirit” continues to thrive, they will keep striving to make their patrons’ dining experiences enjoyable.

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