It takes a little over an hour to drive from Melbourne to Seville Estate, which is located in the upper Yarra Valley. Over the course of forty-five years, it has been producing wine. And it’s right in the middle of the Victorian food scene. Because of the area’s rich red soil, citrus trees, wildflowers, and berry bushes all do very well there. Additionally, surrounding farms raise pigs, chickens, and pigs’ eggs.

The kitchen garden features a hothouse for the germination of seeds, a greenhouse for the cultivation of seedlings, and five spacious beds for the cultivation of vegetables.

The menu features flavor combinations that are intuitively evident, but there is an extreme degree of sensitivity to each component. The dinner immediately begins with a reference to the surrounding garden. A lovely plate of pickled heirloom veggies is served alongside the homemade sourdough and escabeche. The plate includes thin segments of squash of varying sizes, radishes that have been mandolined, pale yellow beans, and long, thin carrots that have been lightly burned over wood. It’s a sour and sweet introduction to Seville’s low-key and unpretentious way of life.

The following dish is molten gnocchi topped with smoked almonds, cauliflower, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. And a succulent Eildon trout that is served alongside its skin, which has been battered, deep-fried, and shaped like a cracker. A dollop of black garlic adds an earthy sweetness to the dish. There is something called a pepper-beef rib, which puts chilli in the spotlight and is a combination of spicy and fragrant flavors.

The whalebone-shaped dining room at Seville Estate, which features picture windows that look out over a pasture, is a lovely setting in which to spend time. In a room that is large but nevertheless cozy, there are rubber plants and ficus trees growing in the winemaking vats, as well as scoop-backed bentwood chairs for lounging in after you’ve finished your meal. Next door, a farmstead with four bedrooms that was built in the middle of the 20th century has been renovated to highlight its mid-century architecture and views of the surrounding hills.

The Homestead at Seville Estate was first made available for overnight stays in 2018. In addition, a group of apartments located by the vines is available for rent to prospective tenants.

You can now make reservations with us to go on a wine tour to Seville Estate.


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