Numerous health advantages of moderate wine consumption (one or two glasses per day) have been demonstrated. Winery Tour Yarra Valley has listed 10 advantages of drinking wine for your health below.

  • Healthy heart – Antioxidants included in a glass of wine can aid in the prevention of heart illnesses by facilitating easy blood flow and lowering levels of harmful cholesterol.
  • Promotes lifespan – Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, and since red wine lowers the risk of heart disease, it also considerably lowers total mortality.
  • Anti-aging effects: Free radicals, which contribute to aging and age-related disorders, are absorbed by antioxidants. Red wine can improve the appearance of your skin and delay the appearance of wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet.
  • Lower levels of sadness, anxiety, and perceived stress have been linked in studies to moderate alcohol consumption, which lowers stress.
  • Reduces risk of diabetes – Wine can increase your sensitivity to insulin, which will guarantee that your body correctly absorbs insulin.
  • Reduces cancer risk – Research has suggested that wine may be able to inhibit the development of cancer cells, notably breast and colon cancer cells.
  • Promotes mental wellness – Red wine’s antioxidants assist maintain blood arteries open and flexible by reducing the stickiness of blood platelets. This lowers the risk of brain and mental impairment by maintaining a healthy blood flow to the brain.
  • Strengthen bones: Research has found that, compared to nondrinkers or heavy drinkers, wine drinkers have better bone mineral density in the hip area of their thigh bones.
  • A glass of red wine will fight the harmful acidic bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities and gingivitis, protecting your teeth and fostering healthy oral health.
  • Promotes good eyesight – Red wine’s antioxidants stop age-related eye muscle deterioration such macular degeneration or deteriorating eyesight.


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