Domaine Chandon is a winery that produces sparkling wines by adhering to the traditional process.

In the Yarra Valley of Australia, where Domaine Chandon is located, only sparkling wines made using the traditional method are produced. The winery creates a variety of kinds of premium sparkling wine, drawing inspiration from its French background and tradition.

A Word on the Inventor

In 1959, Robert-Jean de Vogüé, the founder of Domaine Chandon, and Renaud Poirier, the company’s oenologist, worked together with local winemakers in Argentina to adapt Champagne skills to local varieties. This collaboration resulted in the first of many linkages between the two countries. As a result, Chandon was able to create brilliant expressions from the terroir of the New World. And in 1973, Robert-Jean de Vogüé and the American businessman John Wright shared a goal of expanding one’s horizons, which led to the establishment of an innovative estate in the Napa Valley, which currently creates great wines with a Californian personality. Then, in the middle of the 1980s, a team of wine whisperers from Chandon found success at Green Point, a historic dairy farm located in the Yarra Valley in Victoria. Domaine Chandon cellar door Yarra Valley found that the combination of a mild temperature and excellent soil made for the ideal setting for their vineyards.

Because of this, since 1986, this is where Chandon cellar door Yarra Valley, Australia’s top producer of wines made using the traditional method of production, has been boldly making sparkling and still wines that bear the hallmark of the distinctive Chandon style.

The Fruits Produced in the Vineyard Itself

Unlocking the potential for wine production in India and China, as well as believing in the possibility that the future holds, are two examples of how Chandon’s belief in the power of possibility continues to shine brilliantly. The winery obtains its fruits from locations all across Victoria that have a cool temperature. These locations include the winery’s three vineyards, which are located in the Yarra Valley, the Strathbogie Ranges, and the Whitlands Plateau. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Meunier are just a few of the grape varieties that thrive in those vineyards, all of which are essential for the production of top-notch sparkling wines.

A variety of wine tasting and dining opportunities are available at the winery, which also has some of the most breathtaking vistas in the Yarra Valley.


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