At Mornington Peninsula wine tours, you discover the greatest family-friendly vineyards, and you’ve discovered the secret to a stress-free vacation. It’s a win-win situation since you can go wine tasting while they’re occupied and you won’t have to deal with noisy kids while you’re enjoying the bounty of the area. In the Mornington Peninsula, we’ve hand-selected a selection of vineyards so you may unwind, relax, and take it easy for the day.

Continue reading for our list of kid-friendly vineyards on Mornington Peninsula wine tours.

Rahona Valley

If you’re looking for Mornington Peninsula wineries that are kid-friendly, you need a wonderful outside space that isn’t constrained by large parties or cramped seats. Taking kids “out in public” can be stressful, in part because of the worry that they’ll annoy other customers. Your children are misbehaving, and whether or not Karen is giving you “the look,” it starts to effect your mood.

You can spread out a little without upsetting your old pal at the table next to you because Rahona Valley has the ideal outdoor area and the tables don’t invade personal space.

Since there are fields of vines to explore, you only have about 30 minutes to sit down before the youngsters become restless and start to want to move around. Rahona Valley is fully surrounded by trees; there are no busy roads or drop-offs; it is just a tidy corner in a serene valley.

Before you go wine tasting, just remind the kids not to walk past the trees; they are just dense, and it can be difficult to look out the tasting room window to see how they are doing. There is no local curse or anything like that.

Pt. Leo Estate

This gorgeous winery is a success. It’s a touch more upscale than the typical Mornington Peninsula wine tours kid-friendly winery and definitely better suited if your kids are older than 5 years old.

First off, the restaurant is first-rate; it offers a comprehensive menu of creative meals made with locally sourced ingredients and presented in an Australian fusion style that, to put it mildly, thrills the senses. The kids should be fed beforehand with a homemade toasty, and you should send them outside to play while you indulge in Pt. Leo.

What’s best? You enjoy a broad view of the neighboring vineyard from the restaurant. The kids can explore some amazing sculptures and relax in the open-air dining area while you finish your dinner or tasting experience. They can also enjoy a lemonade while they wait.

Panton Mornington Peninsula

Panton is modest. That is the best way to describe it; it has a modern, streamlined layout with a cottage-like feel, lovely planted gardens, and a picturesque viewpoint that looks down upon a nest of lush vines. It’s the kind of utopia that tempts you to stop working at age 30.

It’s paradise for the children. Large open areas where they can run around, kick a ball, play tag, and hide and seek. When they’ve used up all their extra energy, the enormous cheese and charcuterie plates on sale will make them sleepy for the ride home, allowing you to enjoy a little more peace and quiet.

T’Gallant Cellar Door

A brief visit to T’Gallant Cellar Door is almost like temporarily leaving Australia to see the rich regions of Tuscany, sans the sandstone castles and elderly cranky Italian women.

With a menu with Roman influences, order some wood-fired pizza, and, you got it, order plenty of platters packed with goodies. Wait, there is also a children’s menu. We believe that it is overlooked far too frequently. Give the children what they desire. For the kid’s pick, see here.

The wine’s integrity, with its crisp elements and fresh fruit-driven flavors cropping up throughout their selection, beautifully reflects the estate’s former life as an apple orchard.

Kid Friendly Wineries that You Can Visit at Mornington Peninsula Wine Tours

We hope you have enjoyed our list of Mornington Peninsula wine tours’ kid-friendly wineries. Get on the road and head for the coast; don’t forget to seat-belt the children.


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