The wine glass hold – While holding your wine glass from underneath the bottom may be more comfortable, it is not the greatest for the wine since it might change the temperature of the wine, which can negatively alter the flavor and aroma.

We suggest gripping it from the stem or base, which will also make it easier for you to create the proper swirl.

The temperature – With your wine, serving temperature is crucial. Although white wine should be served cool, ice cold will actually “freeze” some of the flavors, preventing you from tasting the entire flavor. Red wine should ideally be served cool. It can taste flat and flabby when served at room temperature since the wine’s alcohol flavors and smells frequently take center stage instead of the delicate fruit.

The storage – Although wine is sometimes displayed standing up in wine shops, it is preferable to lay wine down on its side in a cold, dark location if you are storing it at home.

The smell – Do you regularly drink wine without first giving it a sniff or nosh? Then you are skipping the finest part. You might as well be consuming a subpar barrel if you don’t stop to smell the wine because we taste with our noses. Can you identify specific flavors, and what do the tastes remind you of?

The food match – There are some things that pair better with some wines than others (for example, steak and a full-bodied red), and then there are some that are simply unsuitable. Examples include eating oily fish with huge red wines, which make the wine taste like tannin and metal, and eating a salad with low-acid wines, which makes the wine taste dreary and flabby from the dressing. Avoiding them will ensure that your wine tasting goes poorly.

Finally, enjoy learning about different wines and flavors and be open to your tastes developing over time. Don’t overthink it.

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