Melbourne is not only the most livable city in the world; it is also surrounded by wineries. A winery tour should be on everyone’s to-do list all year long, regardless of the weather, and let’s face it, Melbourne does have a reputation for having four seasons in one day.

Of course, one way to go about it is to spontaneously get in a car and go to the Mornington Peninsula or Yarra Valley Wineries to indulge in some tasting. But that also means that someone will have to be stuck with the driving.

Unfortunately, such impulsive approach increases the likelihood that you may miss out on anything. A little investigation will reveal that vineyards have a lot more to offer than just the actual wine. They often have award-winning restaurants and breathtaking landscapes, so they’re not only about trying shiraz or sipping chardonnay. Therefore, choosing which to visit may be the most difficult option. Nothing would be more upsetting than mentioning your visit to the Yarra Valley Wineries to friends and family only to learn that you were missing out on a fantastic wine or the ideal location for a leisurely lunch!

Winery Visit In order to take a group of twelve or more people on a winery tour to the Mornington Peninsula or the Yarra Valley Wineries, Yarra Valley may put together a specific itinerary. Because of this, our trips are appropriate for a variety of events, including hen’s parties, corporate events, special birthdays, and casual days out.

It’s also important to emphasize that every person has unique food and wine preferences. Additionally, our familiarity with the venues, eateries, settings, and wines helps to ensure that you don’t miss out. To make sure you see the vineyards that would satisfy, Winery Tour Yarra Valley tailors your itinerary based on your preferences.

Our excursions include transportation to and admission to numerous wineries of your choosing, as well as a host who can inform, guide, and take pictures. They also cover the cost of winery tastings.

We can thus create the ideal itinerary for you, whether you are interested in the breathtaking ocean vistas and pinot noir of the Mornington Peninsula Wineries or, among other wines, the sparklers of the Yarra Valley Wineries. Of course, being so near to the Great Ocean Road is an added benefit if you decide to explore the Geelong Wineries.

Call Winery Tour Yarra Valley for a price or visit our website for more information. We don’t want you to lose out.


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