People occasionally seek for advice on what to wear when traveling to a wine nation. It truly depends on the tour because there is so much to do at the event. Additionally, visitors place wine tasting at the top of their list of things to do. Even if you’re not a fan of wine, visiting a winery may be a lovely experience since these days, vineyards provide a lot more than simply great wine.

Think of gorgeous gardens, alluring shops, magnificent architecture, mouthwatering cuisine, and breathtaking views; all of these are excellent reasons for you to spend some time at wineries while traveling to regions like the Yarra Valley. Here are some pro recommendations for dressing for your best-ever Yarra Valley wine tasting tours, keeping fun, style, and comfort in mind.

Layer it up

This region might include microclimates, therefore there might be temperature variations over a relatively small area. Don’t be shocked if the temperature drops when the sun goes down. Even in the beautiful weather, it is advisable to bring a wrap with you if you know you will be outside at night. Even if you are unsure of whether the weather is predicted to warm up significantly or not, you may want to pack a tank, tee, or shell to wear beneath your jacket or sweater.

Feel good footwear

While some wineries do provide seated wine tastings, the majority are done standing up. In addition to standing a lot, there will be a lot of walking. Who wouldn’t want to explore the area, perhaps by going on a tour that takes them through a vineyard or across a damp green lawn? After your tour, you can also wish to have a picnic or play a form of ball game.

Leave the spiked heels at home; comfortable shoes will do. However, heels are also fantastic since you can wear them to dinner instead. Wine tasting should not involve unpleasant experiences like hurting your feet, slipping, or destroying your expensive shoes. Additionally, if you want to gain height, you can choose for chunky, strong heels or the newest sneaker stylish trend, trainers.

Skip the lipstick

You don’t want to see some wild lipstick all over the rim of your wine glass. If you want to have a great time on your Yarra Valley wine tasting tours, it is advised that you take a vacation from lip products. Because the lipstick won’t wash off in the dishwasher, wine pourers won’t be very fond of it either.

Keep it simple

Why wear a convoluted outfit? Spending your Yarra Valley wine tasting tours day dealing with fussy straps, extra buttons, ties, irritating fabrics, and the like is not something you should do. To concentrate on wine, wineries, and of course fun, choose comfortable clothing.

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